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  I just wanted to say thank you to the team of power cop, This team is very helpful and The service received was first class.  
Wel Come To Power Cop

We are pleased to introduce our sales as pioneers in the field of Energy Management Consulting and a unique specialized service provider to more than 150 companies in Ahmednagar

You all are aware that MSEDC LTD (erstwhile state electricity board) has revised its energy terrify from 01.08.2009 and there are quite a few change in bill billing pattern and also category classifification. MERC has also given operative orders to MSEDCL effective 01.08.2009

It is pertinent to note that henceforth, only energy efficient companies will be able to survive in this completive world and the terrify is designed in that manner msedcl also offers lucrative incentives/discounts by which one can save /earn up to 10% pm. You pay only for 11 month in a year provided you are energy efficient.

     How POWER AUDIT Adds To Your Profits ?  
Saves Power  
Reduces Electricty Expenses  
Eliminates penalities  
Increases Incentives  
Increases Energy Efficiency  
Increases Cost Effectiveness